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my art

Please be patient while this page loads. It is mostly images ~ my art work.

Angel of Joy

I made this when I started to see the end of the tunnel

Tears of the Night, Tears of Pain

Tears of the Night, Tears of Pain represents all the tears shed by survivors. We are all different that is why all the the tears falling in the night sky are different colors.

Reflections of the Earth

Trying to find the Sun

the words written on trying to find the sun are - "sun shining brightly but i cannot see it, help me, please."

i created this at a time when it was so dark in my life i could not see any light, but i have finally. somedays there are some clouds, but i am eventually able to see past them by working through all my demons that create such pain.

7 Deadly Sins

This is a collage. The yellow is the light/sun trying to show itself, but the 7 deadly sins start covering it. All the sins keep happening over and over - making my wounds so great I taint everything with the blood of the rapes. Some of the wounds have such deep scars it feels at times they will never heal.

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