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My thoughts on [What is Courage?] to me. I want to warn those of you who are survivors ~ my writing about courage may *trigger* you. So please take care of yourself and read only if you are able to. If you read and are triggered, please stop and come back to it when you are able to. Again take care of yourself ~ You deserve it.

I have a page that has my [ideas to help with healing].  I have listed some things that help me get through a flashbacks and/or just coping with daily life.

[Poems] that I feel are very inspirational for Healing and Recovery. Words are powerful ~ here are some words that are good and help with healing.

Please look at some of [my art work] ~ more will be added later so please check back

To find [Assistance and Support Resources] in your area or online. This page contains a 800 number to find the crisis center nearest you and web sites that help with support, healing, recovery, and various other resources.

This page contains [random whispering of my soul]. These are just odd-n-ends i write here, there and everywhere.

Here is a list of links ~ [my favorite links].  It is of various web sites I like.

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