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ideas to help with healing

Here are some things I try to do when I get triggered - feel a flashback coming on or when i am just trying to cope....

* remember always you are not going crazy. it may feel like you are but it is just the part of your healing process.

The best thing I can think of doing is.....

* Call a support person. Talk to someone. Get online - there is a support group online for rape survivors. find people to talk to - support - professional - from other survivors - and friends and family.

(I am really bad at that one. I think lots of us are. We always try to do it on our own. We do not need to though.)

* when having a flash back do not fight it. The trigger has happened. Do not try to stuff any of the memories it brings. Try to talk about it. You should try to tell someone. Do not stuff it - but do not try to force it out.

* allow yourself to obsess about it. i feel sometimes we beat ourselves up for thinking of it so much. like if you just stopped thinking of it - it would go away and that is not true. we are dealing with it now to heal . and it is something that is just not happens overnight.

* do nice things for yourself.

* take out all that is not essential in your life.

* create a safe place in your house where you can go and to calm down when feeling overwhelmed. my safe place - is my bedroom. we all are different though. You just have to find your safe place. My bedroom has my quilt, candles and I can put soothing soft music on ~ it is soft and cozy.

* remind yourself that you are brave.

* remember to breathe

Ok....I know listing these things are all things we know - but......I think we forget. I know I do. We are all here for each other. We are a circle of survivors. "With each new cycle, your capacity to feel, to remember, to make lasting changes, is strengthened." - from Courage to Heal. With each trigger we deal with - we will grow in our strength to conquer this. "The more you can accept your feelings without judgment, the easier it will be for you to experience them, work with them, and learn from them." Also from the Courage to Heal.

To find help in your area and supportive links
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