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frozen in time
deep inside me
a frightened little girl
who can't understand
the pain she felt
so long ago
that was too great to hold alone
she told her playmate then
of the pain and sorrow
inflicted by familiar hands
in her world of silent suffering
the playmate vowed to protect her
and she found peace in this promise
which took her pain away
she no longer had to feel it
defended from memories
quiet in sleep
ever guarding playmate
buried all the suffering
along with the familiar threat
in a deep and haunting grave

present time calls me
to embrace this little child
to help her to remember
and to feel what she dared not
i take her on my lap
providing her a new safety
we run and play new games
that she never got to play
i've given her some childhood
and she's given me some clues
to where her pain is buried
so we agree to unearth the memories
as long as i keep her safe

we journey to the grave site
healing is our goal
but there we find her playmate
still standing guard
refusing us access to the dead
haunting secrets illude us
deep within that hole
i can not reason with her playmate
she's defended far too long
we are turned away with bitter tears
from the past which was ours

~ halfmoon

Halfmoon is someone I consider a good friend even though we have lost contact of each other. She has inspired me and helped me so much on my healing journey. Thank You for being a good friend and for also allowing me to post your incredible poem on my website.

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