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my journey to recovery

In the beginning,
I wondered if I would
ever make it through.
There were periods of anger,
sadness, pain, and grief;
times I wondered,
"Why me?"

But one day,
there was a glimpse of light,
and then another.
The Clouds began to break apart,
and I started to see beyond them.
The times when I felt happy and safe
began to outnumber the times
when I felt sad and frightened.
New friendships were formed;
feelings of trust and resolution
began to replace past feelings
of hopelessness and self doubt.
I seemed to emerge from the darkness
into the light with anew sense of empowerment.

I now realize that there are things
about my past that I cannot change,
but I can stop them from controlling
my life and my happiness.

I know that this part of my life
will never go away entirely,
but it has begun to take a less
prominent place in my existence.
I have begun to allow other thoughts
to enter my mind,
and have a better understanding of myself-
my strengths and weaknesses.
I am not afraid to set limits
I have begun to enjoy life again
and to think about the future.
I can now look back on this time for
what it was -
a period of growth,
and healing.

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